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Pablo Nuñez is an Actor that is known for playing many characters, among them and most acclaimed are his roles as Jesus Christ (The Crucifixion) and also, prison inmate/rapper, SPM aka South Park Mexican.

While in character and working directly with SPM on film projects, Pablo was encouraged by the Rap legend himself to start creating music and consider a career in Rapping.

“Pablo the 1st”, is Pablo’s first music album release and the beginning of that career!

If you enjoy and appreciate a lyricist that executes great storytelling in his music, then make sure you take a listen to this album today and tell a friend! “Be About It!”

1. Thank you SPM (feat. Vic Pintos)
2. Here to Inspire
3. Shining so bright (feat. Janine)
4. It Felt Incredible
5. La Historia de Luna y Miel
6. Sunny Days (feat. Flo)
7. She’s Only 18
8. Hijo Famoso
9. Angel Number 333
10. Vamos a Fumar (feat. Sayra)
11. Homies Carmen Ghia (feat. Sayra)
12. El Que Nunca Arriesga (feat. Flo)
13. I Promoted a Lot
14. Es Tiempo para Pablo (feat. Janine)
15. Flat Earth is Real
16. Toneladas (feat. Sayra)
17. Freestyle (feat. Vic Pintos)

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